Aug 28

The relay “baton” (actually a box) came and went earlier this week. I don’t know how ahead we are, but I’m sure that I beat my own record.

What relay was this? Did Nanc actually run* somewhere?

Nope. It was the Dish Rag Tag that I participated in, and woo-boy – this is gonna be a close heat!

* Did you see a bear? Yeah, neither did I.

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Aug 24

Berfday Boy

Posted by Nanc

It was his Bonez’ birthday this week (yesterday, to be exact). Birthdays are celebrated for an extended week at our house: weekend to weekend.

So far, he has received all things that make a Matty happy:

  • a kewl pad of diner placemats
  • PEZ shoes
  • PEZ display stands
  • battery-operated, swimming pool shark
  • spinning books
  • spumoni ice cream
  • Weeds season 2 DVD

And there’s so much more left to do/give (get, in his case)!

Come on and wish this Bonez a Happy!

Aug 15

Mid-Year PEZ Spectacular

Posted by Matty

It’s time to check in on the recent PEZ aquisitions.

Not interested? … What if I said, “Elvis”?

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Aug 13

No knits here

Posted by Nanc

Not that anyone is coming around much since the posts have dried up. (Apparently there’s been either a mental or a time drought in these parts.)

But just in case you did stop by for a looksie or this was picked up in your Bloglines, know that there is no knitting content. None. Only a lackluster explanation of why there is no knitting. (Sad, really. Pathetic.)

Read on only if you want to pity me or listen to my whimpers (or, more likely, kick me in the caboose and tell me to get real).

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Aug 3

Buildin’ stuff

Posted by Matty

I needed a new computer for an upcoming project at home (hereafter referred to as “Project X”). Instead of going out to Best Buy or Circuit City, I figured that I would save a couple of bucks and build one from parts.

I shopped wisely and built a basic computer that fit my needs. So, what kind of computer can you build on the cheap? Take a peek and see…

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