Sep 12


Posted by Nanc

A couple of my projects just aren’t cutting it. Frogging these WIPs is a step in owning my knitting, showing it who’s boss, and being The Knitter. (Like the Decider, but less… stupid.)

This post is a continuation of my WIP and SIP articles, where I’m regaining control over my knitting.

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Sep 11


Posted by Nanc

Yeah, that’s right. SIPs – Socks In Progress! Makes sense, no?

You read the first part of my WIP story here. Now you can read about that special category which becomes an obsession with most knitters – Socks!

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Sep 10

You must WIP it!

Yes, I am mis-using and abusing this wonderful song so that I can tell you about my WIPs (works in progress). Learn how I will whip them into shape, shape ’em up, knit straight, go forward, move ahead, try to detect it (dropped stitches?), it’s not too late, to whip my WIPs!

Whip it good.

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