Sep 12


Posted by Nanc

A couple of my projects just aren’t cutting it. Frogging these WIPs is a step in owning my knitting, showing it who’s boss, and being The Knitter. (Like the Decider, but less… stupid.)

This post is a continuation of my WIP and SIP articles, where I’m regaining control over my knitting.

So, the frogging. Some knitters fear or hate the idea of frogging a knitted project, while others find it freeing and exhilerating. I guess I’m in that second camp, but it wasn’t always so easy.

It’s not that I want to rip out all those wonderful stitches that I so lovingly made, but that it’s necessary. And it’s hella theraputic!

There are different reasons to frog a project: mistakes, wrong yarn, crappy pattern, change of heart, and many more. But at some point, hopefully before the project is completed, you’ll come to the realization that this just ain’t gonna be.

Of my 11 WIPs, I have decided that 2 must go. (Yeah, not a huge number. But still a loss.) My 2 Rips are…. [drumroll please]

Baby Kimono and the Jitterbug State Fair socks

Baby Kimono Sweater – I’ve seen this knit around and lovelovelove it. (Another great Mason-Dixon pattern!) I think it may be the sweetest thing for little baby girls. And it was easy as fabreezy to knit up.

I’ve had this natural-dyed, super soft cotton bouclé in the perfect shade of lavender since our Thanksgiving trip to Baltimore in 2005. It’s Sugar Knits pima cotton, and it’s good.

So what’s the problem? This completed (seamed and all) baby sweater is too small. I didn’t pay any attention to the yarn weight or gauge when I grabbed the pattern, needles, and the yarn and tucked them in my travel knitting for New Hampshire. (It amazes me that we’ve not blogged about this vacation.)

So, although I am sad to see it go; go it must. Perhaps I’ll try again with the yarn doubled or recalculated stitches. Both the yarn and the pattern are too nice to give up on (and really, they were great together other than the size issue).


Jitterbug State Fair socks – The sad tale is posted here. Basically, I’m not in love with this sock yarn + pattern combination. And I’m so ready to move on.


So what’s next for my WIPs? Some of these projects only needed a swift kick and a bit of finishing to call them done. Get out your dancing shoes, it’s time to celebrate.

6 Responses to “Rrrrripppp!”

  1. P-la Says:

    Way to boss that knitting around!!! I’m off to find my dancing shoes!!!

  2. Jen da Purse Ho Says:

    You tell that knitting who is boss! haahahaa.

  3. Petra Says:

    Man! I am impressed… seamed and all and you rippppped it! Awesome! I have about 3 items that need you to come over and kick their butts! (Yeah, I’m a bit wuss…) HAHHAHAHA!

  4. Petra Says:

    Man! I am impressed… seamed and all and you rippppped it! Awesome! I have about 3 items that need you to come over and kick their butts! (Yeah, I’m a big wuss…) HAHHAHAHA!

  5. botgurl Says:

    Way to go NanC. You have inspired me to face those knits from my past that I’m not proud of.

  6. Teri S. Says:

    Ripping is so liberating! Down the bad project! And you still have the yarn at the end of it (unlike sewing projects, in which you are SOL if you mess up the cutting). Good luck with the rest of the WIPs!

    And shame on you for not telling us about your NH vacation!