Oct 10

I know that should read “and the hole in which I fell down”, but who wants to read all that. So, pbtthhhh to that and let’s move on.

A little planning goes a long way. And it can be thrown out the proverbial window in a moment’s notice.

There is controversy, confusion, and upheaval for me around Socktoberfest and what socks I should knit. How will this end?

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Oct 5


Posted by Nanc

Before we get all immersed in Socktoberfest, let me clear the air a bit with some finished socks. Yes, that’s right. F.O.s!

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Oct 5

The Gargoyle demanded it

Posted by Nanc

Spurred on by Socktoberfest and encouraged by my gargoyle buddy, I was compelled today to wear handknit socks.

Never mind that it is supposed to be 91° today. (Did I mention that fall is only an idea, a state of mind, in TX?)

I’m wearing my Mega Boots socks and lovin’ it! (Thank goodness for office A/C.)

Oct 4

Talk nerdy to me*

Posted by Nanc

Some of you might have guessed that Matt is a bit of a geek. (Just a hint of geekry, really.) But he is also a sweet guy. Combine these two features and what do you get?

Simple documentation with graphics on how to turn on our hot tub. If that doesn

Oct 3

Goodbye Summer, Hallo

Posted by Nanc

In Texas, we don

Oct 1

I have.

Atari is 30 years old this month. To celebrate, I just finished adding a cartridge slot to an Atari Flashback 2, which is a small game console with 40 built-in games. Now I can play the built-in games or play some of my old Atari cartridges. Anybody up for a quick game of E.T?*

Click the “read more” link for more general geekery on this topic.

Is geekery even a word?

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