Oct 1

I have.

Atari is 30 years old this month. To celebrate, I just finished adding a cartridge slot to an Atari Flashback 2, which is a small game console with 40 built-in games. Now I can play the built-in games or play some of my old Atari cartridges. Anybody up for a quick game of E.T?*

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Is geekery even a word?

The Flashback 2 is a product that caters to folks like me, who remember the Atari as a cornerstone toy of childhood. (Yep, I said it. It

2 Responses to “Have you played Atari today?”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Yes, geekery is definitely a word…heck, it’s more than a word. It’s a lifestyle.

    Yippee for 1977…birth year of some of my favorite 30 year old things: Atari, a certain Honda motorcycle, and a certain husband, celebrating 30 years today.

  2. Nanc Says:

    Ha ha ha – you said “slot” a lot!