Oct 10

I know that should read “and the hole in which I fell down”, but who wants to read all that. So, pbtthhhh to that and let’s move on.

A little planning goes a long way. And it can be thrown out the proverbial window in a moment’s notice.

There is controversy, confusion, and upheaval for me around Socktoberfest and what socks I should knit. How will this end?

My first thought when I heard about Socktoberfest (again) was my rightly renamed Yarn Botanika Indian Corn. The color makes me happy and is perfect for this season. However

6 Responses to “Indecision and the hole I fell down in!”

  1. P-la Says:

    Most Excellent idea!!!! You made me such a lovely sock, it deserves it’s mate!

  2. chris Says:

    HAHAHA, P-La’s comment made me giggle and forget what I was gonna say . . . she’s sneaky!

    Also, are you sure that’s a sock in that picture? What do you have it stuffed with??

  3. Jen Da Purse Ho Says:

    Dude..i thoguht the same thing Chris did about that sock. what’s in there? 🙂 hAHAHAH

    so you are likey the fair isle? IL OVE IT LOVE IT!! 🙂 come to the dark side!! 🙂

  4. Petra Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! I know what that sock looks like! Snuffleupagus! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love Indian Corn… damn it’s skinniness!

  5. aubyn Says:

    Indecision is a bitch. I can’t wait to see this in person. I miss you pants.

  6. Teri S. Says:

    Ain’t indecision great? The yarn is beautiful, though, nice autumnal colors, kind of like candy corn. It’s interesting that you find that working with small needles is hard on your hands. I have the opposite problem–large needles give me problems. Have a great weekend!

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