Nov 6

1-2-3 Bentos

Posted by Nanc

I’ve recently started on a new (to me) craze: bento lunches. You can read up about bentos here and all over the web (there are some fantastic blogs). Simply put, bento is a packed lunch.

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Nov 5


Posted by Nanc

Not the pork-based breakfast meal, but a mix of blog fodder.

Today, I’ve got an odd assortment of pictures and what-not for y’all. A few Maker Faire pix to go along with Matt’s post, Halloween pix, and a spooky cheeseball!

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Nov 2

Maker Faire wrapup

Posted by Matty

We just got back from Maker Faire in Austin (ermm, two weeks ago), and have much to share!

Geek out, with lots of pix inside!

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