Nov 5


Posted by Nanc

Not the pork-based breakfast meal, but a mix of blog fodder.

Today, I’ve got an odd assortment of pictures and what-not for y’all. A few Maker Faire pix to go along with Matt’s post, Halloween pix, and a spooky cheeseball!

First, let me reiterate what Matty reported: Maker Faire was awesome! Getting there early and camping across the way was totally the way to go. Lack of/uber cold shower was a little dicey, but it worked out okay. Hanging out Friday and then having our camper’s access on Saturday and Sunday gave us the feel of being more than just visitors to the faire. It was like we were part of the Maker family!

We saw and enjoyed so much, yet there was a lot we missed too. At times, we had to simply find a quiet area and mentally regroup. That’s where some of the lectures/demos came in handy.

Both Matt and I came away from this with so many great ideas that we want to do, craft, and build. Maybe you’ll see a bit of this over the next couple weeks.

My job allows me to dress up for Halloween, and I came up with my costume while getting ready for work. I knew I had a lab coat to work with (thanks former nano-tech job!), and so with a little nose and whisker makeup I am a lab rat.

I also brought in a cheese skull for the potluck. Yeah, that’s right. Cheese SKULL! It Amy Sedaris’ recipe for the lil’ smokey cheeseball and I can’t recommend it enough. Yum!

3 Responses to “Scrapple”

  1. Rachel Says:

    You are spoiling us with posts. Thank you! I love your lab rat costume. Dressing up for work? Do you work someplace…dare I say it, fun?

  2. P-la Says:

    Wish I could have seen your yard in person! Scarrrrrry!!

  3. Petra Says:

    Your window shot is WAY cool! Lab-rat costume? Awesome! Cheese SKULL? Very scary! What was Matty for Halloween?