Dec 24

Tree cam rides again

Posted by Matty

Last night the camera died. Perhaps too much Christmas spirit?

Luckily, I still had the receipt, and got a replacement at Fry’s this morning, before the rush started. Also, I added some new lights for you to play with. Merry Christmas (eve)!

dial-up version

Java-based streaming video(IE, Firefox, Safari, etc)

IE only streaming video

Dec 23

Tree cam outage

Posted by Matty

Hi. The tree cam is experiencing an outage right now. It should be back up (hopefully) Christmas eve.

Dec 20

It’s a boy!!!!!!

Posted by Matty

My new nephew was born today! Scamper over to welikedogs for the details.

Dec 19

Just when you thought the tree cam couldn’t get any better… Now you can control it over the internets!

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Dec 16

The 3rd semi-annual tree cam is now active through the holidays. Take a peek inside for all the details.

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