Jan 17

2007 PEZ wrapup

Posted by Matty

It’s been a while since my last PEZ update, and you might curious to find out what PEZ hath wrought in the past few months. Look inside for more.

Please note: There is a new dispenser that has forced me to swear in this post. If you are offended by salty language, or are too young to know what salty language is, go watch something on youtube instead.

Right off the bat, I want to discuss Mozart. Yes, Mozart. There is a fucking Mozart PEZ. And it’s fucking fantastic. I think that I may be done collecting. How could the folks at PEZco ever top this? Mozart was created for the 2007 Vienna Exposition, and was smuggled into this country inside of Vienna sausages. Hey, it coulda happened.

Along with fucking Mozart, PEZ also created a dispenser of Princess Sissi, who was the Empress consort of Austria. I don’t know what an “empress consort” is, but I have a couple of guesses. These two dispensers are just loverly. Fantastic work, PEZ!

Next up, are a couple of Christmas dispensers. These are the usual molds, but instead of using colored plastic, they are made from transparent plastic. Yeah, it’s the invisible Santa, Elf, and Reindeer. A limited number of these were mixed in with normal holiday PEZ at some Target stores. There are a couple more to this set that I wasn’t able to find. sigh… maybe next year.

PEZ for dogs was a bit of a surprise. I found this dispenser my friendly neighborhood drugstore, and it comes complete with dog bones to dispense your favorite puppy. There are two different styles of dispensers and they each retail for about $10.

Always on the lookout for a deal, I found a couple more of the Nascar pull toy PEZ dispensers at Big Lots for three bones each. Not a bad deal. Now I can play Nascar in the comfort of my living room. Vroom!

The Bee Movie. Alas, I will probably never see you, but your dispensers are pretty cool. At the time that I took the picture, I only had three of the four. I have since found the fourth. From left to right, they are: Barry Bee Benson, Pollen Jack Buzz, and Vanessa Blume (the human).

I found the Golden Compass dispensers while doing some Christmas shopping at World Market. I do hope to see this movie soon. These dispensers are Iorek Byrnison (Armored Bear), Golden Monkey, Ragar Sturlusson (Ice Bear) , Pantalaimon (Daemon Ferret). Golden Compass, you had me at daemon ferret.

The Hello Kitty set is finally complete for me, with the release of Chococat. True, Chococat looks a little dazed and confused, but still very cute.

Next up, some more of the Japanese mini dispensers. These are sold in vending machine in Japan and each is a fully functioning PEZ dispenser that holds 4-5 candies. This is a series from a TV show called Masked Rider, and I picked them up from SJGlew for a song.

I also received a special dispenser made for “Pezheads: the Movie”. A filmmaker in Wisconsin put together a documentary about people that collect PEZ dispensers. Cleverly, he comissioned PEZ to create a dispenser that he included with the movie. The dispenser uses the hockey puck mold, but is decorated to look like a film cannister. From this documentary, I learn that some semi-famous PEZ collectors include Wendy the Snapple Lady, and someone or other from the Goo Goo Dolls. Overall, I like the dispenser. Good use of an existing mold.

For the past few years, PEZ has been releasing Disney Princesses. The set is finally complete. The last three released are Mulan, Snow White, and Pocahontas. Right now, Mulan and Pocahontas are only available as part of a box set that contains all of the other princesses, but I’m certain they will be available individually soon. I like Mulan and Pocahontas, but something seems wrong with Snow White. Does s/he look like a transvestite to you?

Finally, if I had actually finished this article before 2008 like I had hoped, it would have been perfectly fine to include pictures of our christmas lights. Doing it now feels a little weird. I assure you that the lights have been taken down for the season. And the final snap is a sunset that happened while I was taking the pictures of the Christmas lights. I set the white balance on the camera to tungsten for the lights, so the sky is a very vivid blue. Sometimes mistakes turn out well.

5 Responses to “2007 PEZ wrapup”

  1. Nanc Says:

    Yay! I love a good PEZ wrap up!

    Does the general public need to know that you’ve already got new PEZ for ’08?

    I like you.

  2. mk Says:

    I like you too, and I don’t even know you. I do know Nanc – so, there’s the degree of separation.

  3. Jen Da Purse Ho Says:

    Dude… you make me want to collect Pez. i love that Chococat one of course. I like Chococat’s background. 🙂 hahahah these are fantastic!

  4. aubyn Says:

    nice wrap up. and you gave me a new movie to look out for.

    also, i like nanc.

  5. mark Says:

    Just curious if any one knows. i have a very rare “mistake” pez in mint condition they put HELLO KITTY DISPENSOR IN A DISNEY PRINCESS PACKAGE. aNYONE HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THIS IS WORTH?