May 19


Posted by Matty

Maybe you read the earlier entry. The woot BOC (bag of crap) arrived this weekend. Wanna see?

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May 12

Happy happy, woot joy

Posted by Matty

After years of trying and failing, I finally scored a bag of crap!

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May 1

Here We {yawn} Go

Posted by Nanc

I’m not certain what I’m doing up at this unholy (to me) hour, but I’m awake enough to be excited. I’m going to Maryland. Specifically, to the MD Sheep & Wool Festival!

Chris is my traveling companion, and this is our 3rd year attending.

Matt is so very kind and handsome, and is driving me to Chris’, who will drive us both to the airport.

Again, let me state that I am excited (and being off work may have something to do with it).