May 19


Posted by Matty

Maybe you read the earlier entry. The woot BOC (bag of crap) arrived this weekend. Wanna see?

Firstly, the bag was actually a bucket. It’s a small substitution, and I’m happy with it. The bucket looks to be just about the right size to cool 4-5 Shiner Bocks in ice on a hot day. Alternately, I could use it to make a giant citronella candle. Oh, the options.

Inside the bucket was a “reading desk lamp.” I was a little disappointed, and may have even said, “man, this thing is crap.” Since I purchased a bag of crap, this was right on par. It will go into a parts box, and turn up in something.

Next, I pulled out a Delta Airlines tin. I thought that it was full of cookies or something. But inside was a posh travel kit, that must’ve been a giveaway for first class passengers. The kit contains a number of items including an eye mask, ear plugs, tissues, toothbrush, and socks(?). Everything is neatly branded for Delta. It’s a very cute kit. Not sure what I’m going to do with it though. Probably put it with my collection of kiddie airline pins.

At the bottom of the Woot bucket rested a handful of refurbed Sansa MP3 players. They range from 2GB to 6GB, and at least two of them work. Since there weren’t any cables included, I don’t know if the other two work yet. As far as MP3 players go, they don’t seem all that bad. They have FM tuners, and can also store photos, videos, etc. I will probably load up Rockbox on ’em, then play a little Doom.

Not bad for 8 bucks. Now I have to start training so that I’ll be ready for my next BOC!

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