Sep 5

We have this friend (A.Peach) who nearly constantly knits for others. To the point where we have tried arm wrestling her and forcing her declare “selfish knitting” years. Yeah, that didn’t go over as well as we’d hoped and A.Peach continued to turn out hand knit socks for others.

(Oh, she’d proclaim that she had knit for herself, but the end-of-year tally would be tipped to one side. Not the A.Peach side.)

In the past two years, A.Peach has knit socks for each of us knitgrrls’ birthdays. She rawks like that. My first socks are wonderful tiger print socks that have been known to fight terrorism and speed my journey through airports.

My A.Peach birthday socks for this year are wonderful Regia socks, which she “helped” me pick out the yarn at our LYS.

She’s amazing, A.Peach, and generous, and gosh-darnit, I really like her. So as a Thank You and a gift returned, a few of us knit her socks for her birthday in a surprise switcharoo.

These are mine: Cowgirl Sox.

Yarn: Schoeller + Stahl Sockina Cotton (’cause A.Peach would never knit cotton for herself)

Pattern: Broadripple

Needles: 2.5mm

More details on Ravelry

I really enjoyed both the yarn and the pattern. Although cotton, the Sockina Cotton is soft and warm to the touch like wool; and very smooshy. And the pattern… I had previously passed by this pattern thinking it looked too, um.. feather-and-fan-y. Not really my style. But seriously, these are wonderful and I want -no, need to knit a pair up for myself!

I called these the Cowgirl Sox for no good reason other than the colors kind of seemed cowgirlie. Actually, the socks are nearly exactly the color of my childhood bike, Dusty Rose. Ahh, memories…

Well, I’ve been sitting on these socks, keeping them a secret, for a while now. I finished them in March, way WAY before they were needed. (I knew if I didn’t get them done first thing, that they’d never get done in time.) They were gifted in August. But I just now pulled the pictures from the camera. I am a sad sack.

Here’s to long wearing socks and long lasting friendships! (clink-clink)

5 Responses to “Even cowgirls get cold feet”

  1. P-la Says:

    I suck. I cast on at least a dozen different socks for A.Peach and never even got close to liking any of them.

  2. Jen da purse Ho Says:

    this is a fantastic pair of socks. 🙂

  3. aubyn Says:

    That A.Peach sounds like an awfully nice girl. Luckily she has awfully good friends. Those are some pretty socks.

  4. mk Says:

    Y’all are super! Everyone needs friends like y’all.

  5. Petra Says:

    I do love those Cowgirl Sox… awesome!