Oct 24

The Shrug

Posted by Nanc

I understand why this item of clothing is called a “shrug”, but this term doesn’t really do the piece justice. “Shrug” sounds so uncouth and rough. It conjures up more of the disdainful or uncaring gesture than a comfy garment.


Oct 20

Italian Squash Soup

Posted by Nanc

I lovelovelove going to the farmer’s market. Sadly, this trip downtown is less frequent than I would like (and 22 miles is getting to be a far trek just for veg).

But when I do make it, I have a great time, gather up tasty vittles, and find happy things that make my day. This time, I got a new recipe that is uber tasty! Yay for introducing new veg to my diet.

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Oct 13

Weekend update

Posted by Matty

Hi Mom- I promised to post some pictures of pregnant Nancy, so… here they are.

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