Oct 20

Italian Squash Soup

Posted by Nanc

I lovelovelove going to the farmer’s market. Sadly, this trip downtown is less frequent than I would like (and 22 miles is getting to be a far trek just for veg).

But when I do make it, I have a great time, gather up tasty vittles, and find happy things that make my day. This time, I got a new recipe that is uber tasty! Yay for introducing new veg to my diet.

This past weekend, Chris and I went to the farmer’s market to partake in some of the late harvest fruits and veggies. We stuck to the local farms and vendors (a separate building), and found plenty of good soon-to-be eats.

Besides the wonderful produce and usual suspects, there were meat, honey, pasta, and canned goods vendors. Heck, there was even an herbal sorbet vendor! (Yum

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  1. Jen da purse Ho Says:

    this looks so nummmmmy! nom nom nom nom nom