Dec 15

OMG, Rachel was Here!

Posted by Nanc

Sadly, she is has left already.

This weekend my awesome SIL, Rachel, flew into town along with the adorable Sammers as a surprise – for me.

This apparently took enormous efforts of lying and sneaky skullduggery by Matty and Chris, to which I was completely oblivious. (I hope they don’t take advantage of this weakness.)

Late on Friday, after claiming to working late, Matt came home through the front door – which is odd, since we park in the garage and come in through that door. “Look what I found in the bushes!”, Matt claimed, a slightly confused and blinking child in his arms.

Rising from my nap on the couch, I instantly recognized Sammy. With a quick hello to the boys, I ran out to the porch to find and hug Rachel! (You don’t get one: Sammy, without the other: Rachel.)

What a great and awesome surprise and a fun weekend! Rachel was in town for my fourth (and final) baby shower, which she co-organized with Chris. (Those sneaks!) The party was a great success (tons-o-loot), and hopefully I will scrounge pictures to post from those that took ’em. (um,… Jen?)

The weather was beautiful, and just before we had to send Rachel and Sammers back to cold, dreary MN, Rachel took some pregger photos of me. Hopefully, I don’t look like a dolt in all of them and I can show ’em off.

Seriously, if you haven’t looked at the great work Rachel does with her camera, you’re missing out. I am totally looking forward to her return visit (with family) once Cheerio is out, and the magic she’ll make happen with her lens.

Edited to add link to proofs site. Great job, Rach!

One Response to “OMG, Rachel was Here!”

  1. Jen da purse Ho Says:

    You will get your pictures today. 🙂 I finally transferred them and am editing them now. 🙂