Dec 24

Gatos lindos

Posted by Nanc

We’ve been clicking away at our kittens for a while now, catching them being cute and mischievous.

So please to enjoy a random selection of our cute kitties from this past year. I’m sure there’s more to come in 2009.

Okay, so these first pix aren’t even of one of our cats. Nope, this is Ember. Ember is a special lil’ kitten that had a hard start to life, but thanks to Matt’s sister, Lisa, Ember is doing well. In fact, we got to visit with Lisa and Ember in November, and Ember has grown quite a bit and may even be regular cat-sized now (albeit, small kitty).

These pictures, however, are from… erm, July? Ember is wee and tiny, as can be seen by her size-relative-to-PEZ measurement. (hee hee) Also, Ember is patient as all get out, and had a very short-lived career as a Roomba rider. (Sadly, no photos of this magic.)

The other cats didn’t know what to make of Ember during her visit. Well, other than hiss and keep away from her. Walter, lured on by kitten play, finally braved his wee opponent and found that maybe she’s not so terrifying afterall. I think he still misses her.

Learn a New Term!

Hey! Here’s an exciting opportunity to learn a common phrase that we use around our household: pussy-pussy.

Pussy-pussy: one who puts the comfort of a cat above the comfort of one’s self. See the tenth photo to the right. Nanc is a pussy-pussy.

3 Responses to “Gatos lindos”

  1. Petra Says:

    Ember is too cute. I love the kitty pictures! And the ss. nanC? Very cute!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Yes, Ember sure has blossomed into a full-grown, although little, cat. Looking back at those pictures reminds me how sick she still was–her eyes looked sick. She would love to play with Cousin Walter now, and eat some Pez heads!

  3. Condo Real Estate Says:

    That should be good.