Jan 8

B G Collins

Posted by Matty

At least that’s what her nursery paperwork says now. We’re pretty sure that it stands for baby girl Collins. Mom and Dad are still working on figuring out the baby’s name (and baby ain’t talkin’).

Oh yeah, and first pix are inside! Click the ‘Read more’ link…

There’s so much to tell you about our beautiful new girl. Most importantly, she’s healthy and happy. Every hour brings us new joys and experiences as we go through the sleep-deprived tribulations of parenthood. Words cannot even begin to describe…

We made it through the first night. As I write this, Nancy is sleeping a few feet away. We’ve had feedings, and changed our first diapers. We’ve had some mixed results with swaddling, but we’re getting better.

B G Collins was born yesterday at 3:17 pm, weighing 7lbs 12oz, and measuring 19 3/4″ long. She’s got a bit of blonde hair, like her mother.

On to the pictures. This is just a taste. I’ll have more updates, pictures, and cute baby videos soon. Well, maybe after a nap.

17 Responses to “B G Collins”

  1. Ming Says:


  2. chris Says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful . . . I can’t wait until she tells you what her name should be!

  3. botgurl Says:

    Aww what a sweet baby! Congratulations! You both did good!

  4. Betty Says:

    How fabulous! Congratulations to you both! (Baby girls are the best, btw.)

  5. Ember Says:

    Congratulations Matty and Nancy! I am so very happy for you guys (this is Rachel’s friend de-lurking, BTW). She’s so beautiful!

  6. Bonnie Pobocik Says:

    I’m so happy for you both! Yeah!!! I can’t wait to meet this new person… never ceases to amaze me thinking about someone being hours old!
    Peace and happiness to your new family!

  7. mom Says:

    Thanks for the pics.You are absolutely right. She is incredibly beautiful! And Nancy looks tired but radiant. You guys did a great job. Congrats. Love Mom

  8. Nancy Says:

    What a beautiful miracle! She’s a very lucky girl to have you for parents. I’m so happy for all you. As far as names, have you thought of Pez? HA!

  9. Nancy Says:

    What a beautiful miracle! She’s a very lucky girl to have you for parents. I’m so happy for all you. As far as names, have you thought of Pez? HA!

  10. cynthia Says:

    What a day you had and what a beautiful baby you have. She’s so healthy. Born one day prior to Elvis’s 74th birthday, she is the cutest little girl in Texas. Congratulations to you and Nancy! Cynthia PS – Love your web site

  11. Cathie Says:

    Every now and then, EVERYTHING truly IS right with world. Oh, and she’s not the prettiest BG in Texas; she’s the prettiest, most magnificent baby girl in the whole wide world! Love and cheers to the three of you. cathie

  12. Cousin AnnMarie Says:

    Hooray!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! So happy to hear everything went well and that mom and baby are doing great….matt, too of course. Can’t wait to find out the name you guys choose…hey, her initials could be BG 😉

  13. Kathy Says:

    Congratulations guys – what a beautiful baby!

  14. Angela Says:

    Maybe keep the initials?
    She is an absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, perfect little doll.
    You guys did good. Congratulations!

  15. Kathy B. Says:

    Yay! I’m so excited for you that “Baby Cheerio” is finally geting her first look at the outside world! Thanks for posting the pictures so we can all see her– she is very cute! Like Pla said, you guys DO make cute babies. 🙂 Love y’all!

  16. Kate Says:

    Over here from we like dogs – just wanted to say congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

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