Feb 2

Who’s next?

Posted by Nanc

My brother Kevin was here for a quick but welcomed visit last week. We all had a great time, but I think Evie was instantly smitten with her uncle (and vice versa).

Kevin flew in on Monday and was out by Thursday, but it was enough time to spoil us all; Evie with the holding and cuddling, me with the breaks and diaper changes, and Matt with meatloaf.

Kevin makes an excellent “wife.” I don’t say this to demean or emasculate him. It was really great having him here for those days. Kevin prepared meals that he enjoys and that are healthy, plus he did the dishes!

The one time he was bored and not holding Evie, he made chocolate chip cookies… from scratch. Wow. *

More than just spoiling her with love and tenderness, Kevin’s family sent a gift for Evie: a Cleveland Brown’s #73 Thomas jersey! It’s still a little too big and she missed wearing it this past season, but I think we’ll squeeze her into it next fall to support her cousin. (For those I haven’t bragged to about this, my cousin Joe Thomas plays for the Browns. Read more here.)

So enjoy the pix, and know that we miss ‘Uncle Kevin’ already and are wondering what family is coming to visit next. (Whoever it is, get your recipe cards in order because you have a big pair of oven mitts to fill.)

* A side note about the cookies: Kevin noticed that I have ownership of the cookie jar that we grew up with: a pink circus elephant. More precisely, a pink circus elephant that is either drunk or dead, as indicated by the X’s for eyes. (Curious, no?) I obtained this icon of our childhood by providing our mother with a cookie jar that matches her current dishes.

Anyhoo, Kevin had such fond memories of this cookie jar being filled with either homemade cookies or cookies bought at Findlay Market, both a treat, that he was distraught to see it lay barren. I’m sad to say, but it is empty again (’cause ‘dem cookies were so good).

4 Responses to “Who’s next?”

  1. rachel Says:

    ahhhh…looks like a great trip. I am happy for Kevin but sooooooooooo jealous too. March can not come soon enough. I need me some sweet baby love too.

  2. Joan Says:

    Looks like you all had an enjoyable week. We want to be next. (just as soon as your dad can get around better).

  3. Cathie Says:

    Can Uncle Kevin be rented, please? We knew Evie got way lucky in her choice of parents, but an uncle who can make cookies from scratch, change diapers, wash dishes? Wwell, that’s just over the top.
    As for the little sports fan, maybe Ms. Evie is the first female field goal kicker in the NFL? Maybe her picture next to cousin Joe’s in Canton in a year or two? In pink kicker’s shoes? Thanks for the new pix and post, Mommy

  4. Jen da purse Ho Says:

    aww…good unca kevin. 🙂 he’s so awesome. 🙂 glad you guys had a great visit. 🙂 and those cookies look yummmmmy!

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