Feb 26

Have a heart

Posted by Nanc

Here, have mine…

Yep, more knitted internal organs made cute by our model, Evie. (She could cute-up a slice of olive loaf… but I don’t want to try.)

This hand knit, anatomical heart was my Valentine’s gift to Matty. I actually got it done and gifted on Vday, but am just now getting around to taking pix and posting.

The pattern is another from Knitty, and was knit using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in ‘Flame’ and Knit Picks Palette ‘Red’.

This was fairly easy knitting and very cleverly deigned. The valve bits are awesome, and the tip on using red roving where the valves are left open – brilliant!

So if you’re in the market to knit a loved one something peculiar and bodily, you can’t go wrong with this heart. It reminds me of the clay heart ashtray that Rachel made for Matt. Ah, sisterly love.

5 Responses to “Have a heart”

  1. Jen da purse Ho Says:

    great job on the heart. Evie is a wonderful model! 😀

  2. Matty Says:

    I now have more hearts than Doctor Who! (and contrary to popular belief, I am most assuredly not a softy.)

  3. Rachel Says:

    Nice heart, much better than some stinky old ashtray, but that model is the best. She is so cute! I love the last picture.

  4. P-la Says:

    Wow! When you say your going to give someone your heart, you really mean it!

  5. aubyn Says:

    Are those some super cute baby jeans?

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