Mar 19

Giraffes, apparently.


We love this fluffy, soft (so, so soft!) cushion for Evie to lay out, but to be honest there was a lot of discussions and debates on what kind of animal this is. Then we saw the tag stating it was a giraffe. Can’t argue with that, huh?


Evie’s Great-Uncle Ike got this for her. She likes.

Mar 18

Bathing beauty

Posted by Nanc

You knew sooner or later there would be the common baby bath foto, well here it is. Culled from my pix pool for the day I didn’t take a new picture.


This picture was taken a few weeks back during our first “real” bath in this nifty bath tub. Prior to this, it was all sponge baths. It was a bit terrifying for us all, but we got through it okay and even got a clean Evie out of the ordeal.

Mar 16

Lady Baby in red

Posted by Nanc

Another knit that I made for Evie before she was an Evie (meaning, when I was still pregnant with an unknown) was a kimono sweater. The idea was that we’d bring our lovely, new baby home in this hand knit sweater. Two things foiled this plan: sizing and weather.

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Mar 16


Posted by Nanc

What you don’t see off to the right of the picture is the laptop playing a podcast and surfing Ravelry and Facebook.


Mar 15

More knits

Posted by Nanc

Once I became more comfortable and confident around Evie (and not freaking out every living second), I found a small amount of free time to knit. It may only be enough for one row, or a bit more if she’s sleeping well. Anyhoo, it has been enough time to finish a womb, a heart, and a soaker.

This is the soaker’s story.

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Mar 14


Posted by Nanc

Weekends are for sleeping in. Especially cold, rainy Saturdays.


I hope y’all are cozy and warm.

Mar 13

Monkey Butt

Posted by Nanc


I got this “outtake” while trying to get a picture of Evie in her crib. It’s the old hold-the-camera-way-above-your-head-and-hope-for-the-best shot. The fact that the monkey butt is in focus makes me laugh.

Hopefully it makes you laugh, too.

Mar 12


Posted by Nanc

You may have seen snippets of this blanket before, but it is a favorite of Evie and ours. Knitting Auntie Petra, of Purling Ps crocheted it for Evie.


Bonus foto after the break.

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Mar 12


Posted by Nanc

I missed yesterday’s post, and by the time I remembered it was late. Hopefully you’ll forgive me.

I also screwed up when stating that Texas was done with its winter. Well, at least Evie got to wear her hand knit socks.


Mar 10

Baby knits

Posted by Nanc

There’s more than just baby going on around here. There’s baby knits, too.

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