Mar 9

4 immunization shots

÷ 2 tiny legs

= 1 bad day


Some days I need a drink, too.

Mar 8

My Evie Angel

Posted by Nanc

This Saturday marked Evie’s two month birthday. I don’t have a sappy post written for future Evie to read or to make people tear up (you know who you are). I start to write something in my head, but never get it down on paper or on the keyboard.


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Mar 7

End of days

Posted by Matty

We are sorry to have MI Grandma’s visit come to an end. There was fun, laughs, and good food, but they are headed back up North to the cold. Before they left, she and Evie had a few last moments in the sun.


Due to technical difficulties then sloth, this did not get posted until late on Saturday. That means I owe y’all one.

Mar 5

It’s Video Thursday!

Posted by Matty

This is one happy baby.

Mar 4

No sleep til Brooklyn

Posted by Nanc

Why couldn’t she sleep like this at 4 AM (or 5, 6, or 7?)


Mar 3

The Gingers

Posted by Nanc

Evie’s Michigan Grandmother made it out of snowy AR, where they were stuck for a day, and was able to shower some love on this sweet girl. These two ladies hit it off right away, and soon enough Grandma had Evelyn sleeping in her arms.

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Mar 2

So far…

Posted by Nanc

So good. (Okay, so it’s only been two days.)


click to enbiggen

I took this pic in the last light of the afternoon. Evie was completely adorable in her overalls, and was helping me wade through paperwork at the kitchen table. (A cute baby can do a lot for drudge work.)

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Mar 1


Posted by Nanc

Happy first of March. We are experiencing many firsts with our first child. Today, we were privy to hear her first laugh.

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