May 23

Not So Easy Crispy Treats

Posted by Nanc

Wanna know how to take the simplest of tasks and turn it on its head? Add baby.

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May 12

Camping Firsts

Posted by Matty

This past weekend, we snuck away to Oklahoma for a weekend full of firsts. It was our first Mother’s Day, Evie’s first camping trip, and our first time camping in a cabin.

The outcome? Successful on all fronts. There are pictures and more words inside.

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May 5

Moving on

Posted by Nanc

We’ll go back and talk about those events in the last post sooner or later, but for now I’m moving on.

I love knitting for my baby girl, and I love seeing her in hand knits. Luckily, Evie is still young enough that she doesn’t give me much guff about home made clothes. It’s a win-win relationship.

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