Jul 20

Moon Cheese

Posted by Matty

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, have a look at some pictures that we took in Wapakoneta, Ohio a few weeks ago.

“But what does Wapakoneta have to do with the moon”, I hear you ask. The answer lies just below the fold…

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Jul 19

Benefits of 5 a.m.

Posted by Matty

There are some good points to being awake with a fussy bebeh in the early morning.

For some reason she’s extra cute once she’s finally asleep. I think that there must be some scientific correlation between your lost sleep and her sweetness factor.

But there’s more. You get to see sunrises, a trick I don’t usually manage, due to my fondness for sleep.

Also, you get to work on your pet projects once she’s settled down. (more on this project soon.)

Finally, you can bang out quick posts to sate the Internet monster, if only temporarily. Ok. I’ve stopped making sense. It’s time for bed.

Jul 14

See Food

Posted by Matty

Evie started on solid food this week, an adventure for her and us both!

Video and a quick pic inside.

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Jul 14

More Testing

Posted by Nanc

It’s Nanc’s turn to test the blog-by-phone function (and post a quick pic of Evie, too).

Jul 13

Upgrade Test

Posted by Matty

I moved the blog from an ancient version of movable type to wordpress. I’m still getting some of the kinks worked out, so please pardon our dust.

Also, Evie says “Blurgleflug.”