Sep 9

And some for Evie, too

Posted by Nanc

Don’t fret, Momma’s been sewing Evie up some clothes, too. Come see what finery and frocks Evie’s showing off.
Nothing so frilly as “finery and frocks” for my free-wheeling filly. Nope, something a bit more hip and fun!

Howdy, folks!

Howdy, folks!

In early August, I left my doll with her Dad for the weekend and went a-craft camping! (Okay, it was really a quilt retreat, but I didn’t quilt. I swear.) With the help of some friends, I reacquainted myself with my sewing machine and an easy pattern.

I used to sew, and quilt, quite a bit before this whole knitting thing took off. So I have a bit of a fabric stash. But it didn’t hurt that the camp/retreat was hosted in a quilt shop+bed & breakfast. *

The pattern I worked with is for a pair of pants and a cute-swinging top that criss-crosses in the back. I made up three pair of pants, two tops (both which are reversible), and a dress. (Okay, so I “invented” the dress bit by modifying one of the top options [non-criss-crossy].)

Evie likes her new outfit

Evie likes her new outfit

Matchy-matchy top & pants

Matchy-matchy top & pants

One of my friends, who also works with Matt (and knows of his,… um, addiction), surprised me with some PEZ fabric. So Evie totally got one outfit made from this precious commodity.

* A fantastic B&B and quilt shop in Van Alstyne, TX, the Alford Inn is run my a warm and friendly family. And if you go, totally stop by the grocers across the street. A not-to-miss time capsule.

5 Responses to “And some for Evie, too”

  1. Nanc Says:


  2. Jen da Purse Ho Says:

    so stinkin’ cute!!

  3. rach Says:

    These are so super cute. Missy is pretty lucky to have such handy folks.

  4. cathie Says:

    Oh MY! Her teal/bronze ensemble has matching bronze shoes… this early sign of fashionistaism could lead to harder stuff later in life, you know. Like, by the time she\\\’s 4, she may refuse to go to school without her pink sequined princess crown, green knee-socks, and favorite red shoes. Not that I have a 4-yr old grandniece like that or anything…

  5. aubyn Says:

    Greatness, pure greatness.