Sep 15

Summer lovin’

Posted by Nanc

Some pix of Evie this summer. And a teaser to bring you in.

Sweet Summertime

Sweet Summertime

Amazingly enough, we haven’t taken too many pictures of Evie this summer. I think both Matt and I would much rather be holding her, and not a camera.

But we have got a couple pix to share. And the summer’s not nearly over (at least, here in Texas)!

3 Responses to “Summer lovin’”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful girl. I needed this today 🙂 And can I say I am very surprised (pleasantly) that Dil and Evie are friends?

  2. P-la Says:

    Enjoy holding her while you can, soon she won\’t want to be!!! She\’ll just want to run all over the place!

  3. Joan Says:

    She is so very cute. Enjoying summer, staring at the sky. Does she notice birds? An Dil was finally accepting her as part of his pride.