Mar 14

Testing, testing… 123

Posted by Nanc

This blog has been quiet for quite some time, but I think we’re gearing up to use it again. There are some big changes that are coming down the pike, namely a new babe!

I love how a blog can be used to keep family and friends in touch with our lives, even if it’s a little impersonal. (Hey, I can’t call or write everyone about every little fun or fragile detail.) I also love how a blog can become a personal record of our lives: special moments, creative projects, recipes, and silly moments.

There are, of course, social network sites (Facebook), but a blog allows me to stretch out a bit and ramble on if I want. (This post, for example.)

So get ready for some posts and updates here as well as some flashes from the last year. (We might not have been posting updates, but life certainly continued!)