Dec 28

Christmas Wrapup

Posted by Matty

This Christmas was maybe a little bit more like Halloween. Some tricks, some treats.

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Dec 14

a holiday thing

Posted by Nanc

Good Girl Purl of the Purling Ps asked us (the proverbial, internets “us”) to make a list of what makes us happy during the holidays. What can I do but to oblige such a sweet request.

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Dec 5

Ennui — or is it Enn-wii?

Posted by Matty

We’ve had a bit of weather lately, and the sub-50 degree temperatures have weighed heavy on my soul. The gray days dropped me deep into a funk that started over two weeks ago. Hopefully, sharing my private pain will be cathartic.

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Nov 6

The frantic days full of packing are over. On Saturday, the movers transported all of our belongings approximately 10 miles east to our new home.

Even moving the cats went (relatively) smoothly.

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Oct 26


Posted by Nanc

I’d like to apologize in advance for the backseat this blog will take, and its temporary metamorphosis into a DIY/home decorating/home repair blog. We try to use the blog to reflect our current interests and activities, and will continue to do so.

This may hold our interests for a while.


Sep 23

Saturday Sky

Posted by Nanc

If you’ve read the last few posts, you might be wondering how I can show a Saturday Sky picture. Well, good news…

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Sep 14

Okay, not just “black and white” – there’s orange and green and brown, too. But the idea of the title is that this blog may be just text for a while.

It seems that our camera has gone MIA. Or more likely, some unsuspecting (or immoral) rental car renter thinks he/she just got themselves a great deal on a digital camera with a super-sized memory card. Wo0t! Yeah… not good.

So in the meantime, we’ll try to be clever with our words and/or we’ll recycle some pix stored on the PC.

If you want to read about our trip to Cinci, continue on.

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Sep 6

Porkopolis bound

Posted by Nanc

Come on. How could I not use that nickname? Oh, sure. I could’ve gone with the more common and couth “Queen City”, but then there might have been some confusion as to my actual destination.

The man and I are heading up to Cincy this weekend to help my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. (I know. Can you believe it? FIFTY YEARS?! Whoa.)

It’s going to fun to be back in my ol’ stomping grounds (although I think I did a lot more stomping up in Cowtown/Columbus). It’s a quick trip, so we won’t have time to hit all the sites and sounds. But this’ll be my first time back as a knitter and I’m wondering what the city has to offer.

Any Cincy knitters out there that can recommend a good LYS?

Aug 31

I’m not blaming anyone, but certainly someone was laying down on the job when it came to telling me about toasting Pop*Tarts.

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Aug 20

Cat Frenzy

Posted by Matty

We received a mysterious package that made the cats go crazy. What could possibly be inside? Did I mention the strange and funky smell?

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