Jul 4

A few quilts for the road

Posted by Nanc

A big part of my Honduras trip is volunteering and charity. Not only giving my time, money and energy, but what we bring to the villagers is also an important part of our trip. We bring them items that are difficult to get in their region, like toothbrushes, non-lye soap, and tools.

Another item to bring is quilts. Although freezing temperatures isn’t a scare, comfortable bedding is hard to come by. In fact, the only comfort from a concrete floor I’ll get while sleeping is from the quilts I can bring.

So I got some material that I had on hand, hit the thrifts for blankets, and went about making a couple quilts.

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Jun 24

A girl likes to have pretty things. Even while knitting. That’s why there’s “knitting jewelry” (stitch markers and row markers). A shiny bauble or more to have hanging about even during the most boring, garter-stitch drudgery.

Well, this crafty girl along with her gal pals Pamelalala, Petra and Kathy (see this? if y’all had websites, I could be spiffy and link them here) have gone and made their own.

I’ve made way too many for myself, but am a greedy with my preciouses. (Is it too late to make a Gollum reference?) I’ve made some as gifts and some for the heck of it – ’cause I liked the beads. It’s addicting, I tell ya’. And it’s not like knitting’s not addictive enough, now I’ve got a beading habit to go with my fiber jones.

So here’s a couple of pics o’ knitting eye candy and perhaps a little instruction. I gotta get some knit on… like NOW!

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May 17


Posted by Nanc

I knitted up these two squares as part of a “comfortghan” for a woman from my charity crafting group. (Click pix for close-ups.)

Even though we’ve never met, there’s a connection with the people that I meet online. We are working together for the same goals and a bond is created at the same time.

Sometimes, it’s a ‘virtual’ friendship with a fellow knitter or blogger, but a friendship none-the-less.

This phenomenon of online social communities has recently come up in conversation at a few different places. (Alyshajane and Loobylu to name two.)

Just think about it.

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Apr 9

I’ve sewn another handful of pet beds for Feral Friends from donated fabric. They’re all real cute. Check out ‘read more’ and have a look.

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Feb 26

Quick Knits

Posted by Nanc

I just wanted to give a quick “shout out” to two hats I knitted up on my round loom.

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Feb 13

As part of my Stash Reduction and February Fleece Challenge, I’ve sewed up and sent a bundle of items for Bundles of Love.

I still have more fleece to use, but I’m that much closer. In fact, I’ve cut a lot more items out, but have wrenched my back during a marathon sewing session and am taking a break from my Singer. This may mean that my fleece deadline could be extended until… I can sit comfortably at the sewing machine.

But I’m happy with what I got done so far. There’s pics if you click ‘read more’.

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Feb 1

Hats Galore!

Posted by Nanc

As I’ve stated, I’m working to clear my house of my fabric stash, starting with the overloads of fleece. Well, I’ve been able to make some progress by whipping up hats for Ship Support.

Take a look.

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Jan 14

Challenge #1: Fleece

Posted by Nanc

In order to reduce my sentence (and my stash, he he) for the 2004 Stash Lock Down! I need to be on my best behavior. To encourage this, I’m planning a handful of challenges to get me motivated. The first of these is to deplete my fleece stash by leap day (Feb 29).

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Jan 7

Every dog has it’s day. Every cat has it’s…

What? What do cats have? Whether cat, dog or ferret?, your pet may now have it’s own bed to snuggle down in.

Pet beds: made by me; sold through eBay; supporting a good cause.

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Oct 28

Tiny Tootsies

Posted by Matty

Keeping little toes warm this winter. That was the challenge/aim for one of the October charity projects.

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