Jun 26

15 lbs

Posted by Matty

Yep, my little girl weighs about the same as three sacks of potatoes. Cute pictures lurk within.

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Jun 18

Evie’s cousin stopped by for a visit last night.

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Jun 16

The Natural

Posted by Nanc

We want to encourage creativity and music appreciation in our little girl, so we sat her down at our old, out-of-tune piano and let her plunk away.

Actually, it was pretty awesome.

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Jun 6

Rule 37

Posted by Nanc

Let sleeping babies lie where they fall (asleep).

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May 23

Not So Easy Crispy Treats

Posted by Nanc

Wanna know how to take the simplest of tasks and turn it on its head? Add baby.

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May 5

Moving on

Posted by Nanc

We’ll go back and talk about those events in the last post sooner or later, but for now I’m moving on.

I love knitting for my baby girl, and I love seeing her in hand knits. Luckily, Evie is still young enough that she doesn’t give me much guff about home made clothes. It’s a win-win relationship.

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Apr 28


wow. This has been a crazy month (plus). I didn’t mean to drop my Pic-a-Day fun, but I plead motherhood… to an infant.

Anyhoo, no excuses. Thanks to Matt, here’s some pix from the past few weeks.

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Apr 23

Some videos of Evie

Posted by Matty

Hi there! We haven’t forgotten about you, but life has been sort of hectic lately.

Anyhow, without further ado, head inside for two videos of Evie.

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Mar 19

Giraffes, apparently.


We love this fluffy, soft (so, so soft!) cushion for Evie to lay out, but to be honest there was a lot of discussions and debates on what kind of animal this is. Then we saw the tag stating it was a giraffe. Can’t argue with that, huh?


Evie’s Great-Uncle Ike got this for her. She likes.

Mar 18

Bathing beauty

Posted by Nanc

You knew sooner or later there would be the common baby bath foto, well here it is. Culled from my pix pool for the day I didn’t take a new picture.


This picture was taken a few weeks back during our first “real” bath in this nifty bath tub. Prior to this, it was all sponge baths. It was a bit terrifying for us all, but we got through it okay and even got a clean Evie out of the ordeal.