Sep 8

Recent crafting

Posted by Nanc

It’s not just knitting around these parts, but sewing, too. Sometimes on the same project!
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Dec 24

PupCake Treats

Posted by Nanc

I baked up two batches of doggie biscuits a few weekends ago as part of a Secret Santa gift exchange at work. A single batch makes plenty, but I wanted to try out two varieties and figured that I could gift the extras to my puppy-lovin’ friends, too.

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Dec 20

Like tiny, blank canvases

Posted by Nanc

Matt and I have been to a few baby stores lately (go figure) and have looked at our fair share of clothes. There’s some awfully cute stuff out there, but mostly if you know the sex of your baby. We don’t.

Not satisfied to accept only the pale green and washed-out yellow pallet, we decided to take this matter into our own hands.

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Jun 19

Usually, this is the space where I would carefully craft a sassy teaser, to get you interested in the article, and to compell you to click on the link.

I’m much too tired, so… It’s a multi-part article. I’ve got you trapped. Click on the link, or else you won’t have the full set.

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Jun 16

I’m sitting around at home, hopped up on painkillers from a mouth-based melee at my dentist’s office. What better time to get caught up on my articles?

Part 2 of this series provides tips and tricks that I use when creating designs for silk screening. We’ll worry about how to transfer the design to the screen in the next article.

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May 7

This set of articles has been in the works for a while. I finally put together the graphics so we could publish it. Nanc and I are craft ninjas, and I have always wanted to do screen printing, but I had no idea how to even start.

I knew that it was expensive (truth: not so much) and messy (truth: the mess is manageable).

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Dec 28

It’s in the cards

Posted by Nanc

Our holiday message, that is. Our Christmas cards!

Every year we talk of making our own holiday cards and most years we do. (Um… last year was a bust.) Of course, we always wait until the last minute to come up with an idea, an image, and a medium. This year was no exception, except that we knew we wanted to do silk screening. (Er… so yeah. We, um.. we were going to tell y’all about our silk screening adventures sooner or later, there just never seemed to be a good time. It’s an article in the making, we promise.)

So continue on to see how our cards turned out this year.

Hmmm… perhaps we should find archives of the previous years’ cards.

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Aug 15

Yesterday was Crafturday. Crafturday is my favorite day of the week!

What is Crafturday? Well, my child, let me explain. Crafturday is when one gathers with their crafty friends on a Saturday and together they summon the power of the craft. For good, not evil. It’s a CRAFTy satURDAY. CRAFTURDAY!

Want to know more? Only those pure of mind and spirit may continue…

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May 2

Burn! Baby, burn!

Posted by Nanc

We’re going camping [yay!] this weekend.

In preparation, I decided to be a good little camper and make fire starters. An added bonus is that I’m being good to ma earth; recycle, reuse, rehabilitate. (Okay, I just threw in the last one for s&g.)

Making fire starters is real easy to do. But just in case you don’t have a camping or Boy/Girl Scouts guidebook to explain, I’ve laid it out for you.

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Apr 19

Vegetarian (Felt) Peeps

Posted by Nanc

It seems that the only people I know who love Marshmallow Peeps® are those that can’t have them. My heart goes out to my vegetarian friends that are betrayed by that most evil of all compounds, gelatin.

So it’s in their honor that I make felt Peeps.

I’ll be up front and honest about this; I can’t figure out how to make the chicks, only the bunnies. deal, okay? And enjoy my efforts.

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