Apr 30

Oh,… and we had a baby

Posted by Nanc

March 20, nearly six weeks ago, I gave birth to our baby girl Kaylee Sue. She is beautiful and wonderful and a joy in the way that newborns are joyous. (Which is to say, very different from the joy of a 3-year old. Very different.)


My plan (hope, expectation, wish) was to post pictures and the birth story and all that lovely jazz that people more creative/less exhausted than me have done. But that didn’t happen. Instead, you’re getting a post six weeks into it.

During these exciting and sleep-deprived weeks, we’ve been blessed with visits from some of our wonderful families to help welcome Kaylee into our lives. I also give props to their families: spouses gave up their partners, children missed their Mommy or Daddy, and households were single-parented for a week.

I’m certain that Kaylee enjoyed these visits as she was held and loved on near constantly, and who wouldn’t love that? But Evie really got the win with these visits: special games and attention, treats and gifts, and all the stories read to her that she could stand (or could be fit in before nap/bed times)!


Also… each of these guests had their own superpower during their visit. (Is it right to call them guests when they worked so hard while they were here?) I plan to focus on these visits and how they were extra special in upcoming posts.

In the meantime, say hello to Kaylee Sue!


Jun 14

The Fruits of Our Labor

Posted by Matty

Although our garden isn

Jan 25

dinner in the den

Posted by Nanc

Eating our dinner in the den/TV room isn’t all that new and wonderful, we do this all the time. But yesterday our den got a bit of an upgrade, which makes it special.

Yes, we do have a dining room and table, but we’ve gotten into the bad habit of watching TV while eating. Maybe this will change some day.

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Jan 24

Our fowl weather friends

Posted by Nanc

Hey! The ducks came back this morning, and we were able to get some better pictures of them. W00t!

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Jan 23

Going to the birds

Posted by Nanc

This past weekend was for the birds. Literally.

So okay, three birds. Well… ducks, really. But they’re birds too! And our own bulb-bird.

Read more to understand my prattle and read what I’ve been up to this weekend (and continuing on this week).

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