May 3

A-camping we will go

Posted by Nanc

Smurfs like hiking. They like the outdoors. They love camping… a chance to get out of their ‘shroom and into the great, wide open.

I like camping, as does Bonez. But you won’t find pix of Matty or I blazing a trail or setting up camp. No siree. That’s why there’s Smurfs. Not only do they like adventures, but they love to pose for the camera.

Here’s another foto of the backpacking Smurf.

Can’t find our Smurfy friend in the pix to the left? Click on the foto for a revelation.

Apr 11

Hoppy Easter!

Posted by Nanc

Wishing you a happy and sunny Easter, and may you find all the hidden eggs before they start to smell.

Mar 17

Gaelic for “Hunger is a tasty sauce”.

I’ve got no real idea why I picked this Irish saying above all the other ridiculous ones, perhaps I’m hungry. But it sounded silly enough for today.

Happy St. Pat’s to you all!

Feb 28

Stone Smurfer

Posted by Nanc

It’s not often that one can find an occasion to show off their brick layer/stone mason Smurf. It’s just because of this that I feel compelled to bring you pix of this Smurf hard at work.

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Feb 18


Posted by Nanc

Or would it be “garment Smurfer”? “Fashion Desmurfer”? Oh, who knows. But this sewing Smurf is ready to reattach buttons, hem pants, and create Smurfabulous couture.

Feb 1

It’s the Smurf Bowl!

Posted by Nanc

My tribute to the Super Bowl. (Yeah, it’s on right now. No, I’m not watching it. Don’t even get me started.)

Here you’ve got the quarterback, the ref, cheerleaders, and a whole slew of Smurfy fans! What’s that? Gargamel seems to be taking notes. Perhaps he’s copying their plays and runs?

Looks like the coach didn’t agree with the ref’s call. Oooh. Tempers flare at these sporting events.

Click on more to get a glimpse into a Smurf Bowl party.

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Jan 31

It’s SMURFadelic!

Posted by Nanc

When you live with a collector, there comes a point in your relationship when they start to wonder how is it that you don’t have any collections of your own. (Fabric and yarn don’t count, I’m told.) Like there might be something wrong with your mentality.

What? You haven’t checked out his PEZ collection yet?!

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