Feb 4

Bert the Farting Hippo

Posted by Matty

This title probably requires some explanation. Chances are, you stopped by the website to see baby pictures, or maybe something that Nanc knitted.

You will be disappointed by this post. Sorry. But now, curiosity should be gripping you. You need to know. Even though you think that fart humor is base and juvenile, you are drawn to click the ‘read more’ link below. It’s not about farting anymore.

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Feb 1

Lil’ miss shy

Posted by Nanc

One of the biggest surprise gifts that Matty wowed me with this year (er, Christmas 2005) was a Blythe doll. To be specific, a reproduction Ashton-Drake blonde Blythe.

Read more, but beware: there’s a bit of a rant-tangent that I went off on. Fun, eh?

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