Mar 27

I was able to spend a couple of hours working on the website this weekend. It’s starting to look like a real site again. My favorite part? Oh, probably the sweet color fade on the links….

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Mar 21

Day 3.5 – Site redesign

Posted by Matty

How much fun we have working on the site…

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Mar 20

Day 2 – Site redesign

Posted by Matty

What will the new design look like?

Today is all about trying to figure out what the new website design will look like, and how people will interact with it. Taking a couple of extra hours to plan this stuff in the beginning saves me an awful lot of time later.

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Mar 16


Posted by Matty

So, I haven ' t written anything lately. This isn ' t because I lost both my hands in a freak thresher accident, or because I refuse to believe that the Internet exists. The reasons are far more pedestrian. The kind folks that give me money in exchange for my services (a.k.a. work) have been keeping me pretty busy for the past several months. Now, I’ve got some breathing room and am going to tackle a project that I’ve been putting off for months (or years).

Change is in the air and you are all down wind. Starting tomorrow, I am going to be redesigning this website. Over the course of the next week to ten days, I am going to be working on the design every night for a few hours and your thoughts count.

My changes will be updated on this front page every night, and I will try write of the specific details as I get the design and the code together. Throughout the redesign, the site will continue to be usable, and the individual articles will still look the same. Only the front page will be “under construction”.

I will keep the comments open, and would like to hear what you like or hate. You read the site. Is there anything that you would like to see? Anything that bugs you? For me, the existing site is pretty rough. It was pretty cool in 2003, but we are ready for some changes ’round these parts.

General geekery on the inside

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Dec 5

I have found another commercial that I enjoy. I’ll be honest, I’ve watched this one at least 15 times and I still find new layers of sublety and subtext. This commercial has everything: skeet shooting, cowboy lamps, and 80′s power ballad hair.

You can’t resist. Why try?

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Dec 30

Happiest of (holi)days

Posted by Nanc

We are back from our winter wonderland trip to the north. Yes, it was cold and snowy. Yes, it was fun. Yes, we are glad to be back.

My fella’ and I took the train up to visit our families in OH and MI. Yes, the TRAIN. Amtrak. Yes, it still runs and people (a few at least) still travel via this method. We both had a great time and highly recommend it as long as you have some spare time. I hope to write more or post another article just on our travel/train experience, so I’m not going into much now.

But the point of this article is to say that Yay!, we’re home and the holidays were good to us. We hope they were good to y’all, too. And not that the gifts or the getting is the important focus of the holidays, but I had to share a pic of the bounty that Santa left at my folks house. Amazing, no? (Okay, so click the image to see a not so skewed image, but still insanity.) Between the two families, we ended up celebrating three Christmases and gift exchanges. phew!

Merry Everything and Happy Always

Dec 3

Ohh – the Bounty!

Posted by Nanc

Oh how the lords of plenty rained down upon us knitters last night. It was a beautiful thing to witness (and even better, ’cause I was part of it). The baubles! The fibers! The laughter and joy! I could just weep from the goodness of it all.

Last night, some rogue knitters (hi gals) I know had the first of two season secret-stealth pal (SSSP) exchanges. Does this even need explanation? Everyone’s familiar with secret pal’s right? (The recipient doesn’t know who her gift-giver is.) We all snuck into the cafe carrying ambiguous brown grocery bags, secretly labeled with our pal’s name. And then the fun started.

The bags were handed out to their intended parties (thanks, Sophie!) and everybody dug right in! Ahh, the sweet aroma mix of candles, soap, and body products! All the oohing and wowing, sharing and showing off that carried around the table. I can’t even imagine what the other patrons or staff thought. (And who cares – I got kewl stuff!)

Jun 24

A girl likes to have pretty things. Even while knitting. That’s why there’s “knitting jewelry” (stitch markers and row markers). A shiny bauble or more to have hanging about even during the most boring, garter-stitch drudgery.

Well, this crafty girl along with her gal pals Pamelalala, Petra and Kathy (see this? if y’all had websites, I could be spiffy and link them here) have gone and made their own.

I’ve made way too many for myself, but am a greedy with my preciouses. (Is it too late to make a Gollum reference?) I’ve made some as gifts and some for the heck of it – ’cause I liked the beads. It’s addicting, I tell ya’. And it’s not like knitting’s not addictive enough, now I’ve got a beading habit to go with my fiber jones.

So here’s a couple of pics o’ knitting eye candy and perhaps a little instruction. I gotta get some knit on… like NOW!

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Dec 12


Posted by Matty

The fishcam is up and running…

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