Oct 5

Cats + kitten =

Posted by Nanc

How are our three, mature (not older, gotta watch that!) cats taking the invasion of Sir Walter? What do they think of his ultra cuteness and high energy? I believe that Dil’s look captures not just the moment, but their collective philosophy of new kitten.

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Jan 31


Posted by Nanc

More hats, ’cause that’s all I seem to be knitting. No, I’m not complaining. Just stating that all I seem to be knitting are hats. Hats are fine. Hats are okay. Hats are… well, hats. Not too complicated or technical; no great new stitches to learn. But they’re good and steady knitting. Hats.

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Jan 24

Sunny and freezing

Posted by Nanc

What’s up with the weather? One minute its warm and 70′s, and the next it’s below freezing at night. I don’t know which to wear: warm cozy hat & mittens or flip-flops.

Okay, so the hat and mittens aren’t for me. And no, they’re not for C3PO either. (I apologize for appropriating C3PO as my model, but really – he doesn’t mind a bit.) The Big Red hat is a Skittermagoo pattern and knit from Rowan Big Wool and Big Wool Tuft. The Big Red mittens are modified from a Rowan pattern (I’m writing the notes up on these, and still want to make a few additional modifications). And yes, that’s an idiot cord connecting them!

This set (including a possible quickie scarf) is for my SIL, Rachel. They’re part of her Xmas pressies. Oh sure, could she ever use them now! But she’ll have to satisfy herself with looking at them on our blog until the rest of the stuff is done. (Sorry sissy.) There’s a similar/different Big Red hat version for my other SIL, Lisa, which should be shipped soon.

The fancy, frou-frou flip-flops? Oh, they’re mine. I picked up some plain ol’ boring flip-flops from the store for the girls, and everyone brought some of their novelty yarn stash to share. A quick print of the pattern in a crocheted version and a knit version, and we’re in business. What a fun project for my gal-pals, although only Angi got hers done AT the Slumber Party.

Dil, however, did not seem to care much for them. In fact, it put her off the catnip egg roll a bit. Nothing but nothing is moving her from those sun rays tho!

Jan 19


Posted by Nanc

click for a peek

What’s this? Did we pick up another kitten? Has a witch turned our cats to knit toys? (I wish. Heck, Dil would be a bowling ball bag!) Nope, this is my new, hand-made by my rockin’ secret pal Kathy, awesome iPuss. (Yeah, I was going to go with iPussy, but…. )

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Jan 2

Home New Home

Posted by Nanc

So. Um,… we moved.

Yeah, well, Matty and I are bad people. You see, we moved mid-November and haven’t really passed the news on to many people. Oh, sure. We told our folks and siblings… well, most of them I think. And the USPS is forwarding our mail, so we got all those loverly cards. Thanks.

It’s just that we’ve been so darn busy. Yeah, yeah – I know that you’ve heard this excuse up and down the block, but really. We learned an important lesson this year. If at all possible, don’t move from Oct through Jan. It’s just too much.

So without further ado, I give you a pic of our new abode. This was taken on Dec. 22, just before we took a cab to Union Station to catch our train. (Yes, it was snowing in Dallas.) House living is so different from apartment living, in really small yet pleasing ways.

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Oct 18

Weekend Review

Posted by Nanc

How long can one go before posting an update about the weekend? I don’t think I’ll be able to figure it out because I’m caving. Fun stuff happened this past weekend and I wanna tell y’all about it. So read on, my friends. Read on.

First, let me point out that while I had to wake up early (5:30am on a Saturday, none-the-less!) to participate in the Race for the Cure with my buddies, Matt was representing the sleep-in crowd. In this foto, Dil is assisting by making sure he doesn’t get up and ruin their effort.

But us girls had fun at the race, and then more fun afterwards. A small contingency from Dallas SnB walked the 5K for the cure. There were good crowds there, and I received many a comment about my HalloWig.

Oh, didn’t I tell you? [I innocently query] I finished my HalloWig and wore in during the race. Here’s a pic of it blocking (to get that bit o’ curl to stay – yes, starch was involved). I added a small black bow on one side, which is quite cute if I say so myself. Of course, I don’t have a pic of the bow or me walking. Sorry – assumptions were not met. So now I’m an ass, I guess. (Ooh, but so are “u”. he he he)

Anywho… after the race, Chris and I picked up Angi and went to the Ewe. (Let’s just say this is where the previous “I’m a ‘FJM’” article came from.) Much fiber happiness occurred there. [pix soon to come, Pamelalala] Then we ate our well-earned free burritos from Chipotle (race participant giveaway). Yum.

And just to amuse you… my hair was SO completely messed up after wearing the wig during the race (constant readjustments because I didn’t pin it in place), that I had to continue wearing the wig most of the day. Yep, in the Ewe. Yep, while ordering and eating my yummy burrito. Yep, driving around the greater DFW area. So if you saw an odd girl wearing a bright pink wig this past weekend, no – I didn’t loose a bet. It was just silly ol’ me.

Aug 13

It’s been a long while, but I do have knitting updates for you.

A little bit here, a tad more there… nothing too exciting, but enough to share with y’all.

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Mar 8


Posted by Nanc

The American Heritage&reg Dictionary defines opportunity as “A favorable or advantageous circumstance or combination of circumstances.” It’s a rare opportunity for me to get pix of our other two cats.

Dil is our (plus-size) supermodel; always showing off for company, and making herself and her needs known to all. So it’s seldom that we can get a good photo of Marie PussPuss (no, don’t ask about the name – it goes on and on from there) and Mrs. Slocombe.

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Feb 26

Good-For-U Greens

Posted by Nanc

When I look for new recipes, it’s usually for entrees or deserts. I tend to glance past the side dishes and salads. And it’s not that I have a large assortment of vegetable and sides that prepare. In fact, usually I’m stuck in the same-old/same-old rut. So I’m trying some sides this time.

I made this first one last night for dinner with steak and it was good. It’s a traditionally Greek dish and that shows in the bright flavors that ‘pop’. It makes 8 servings, which was a little much for just Bonez and I, but tasted great as a filler in my lunch wrap today.

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Feb 16

texas-sized snow

Posted by Matty

It doesn’t snow much in Texas. When it does, it merits a couple of pictures.

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