Jan 9

Okay, not truly infinity. But at times, it felt like it.

Yes! The Dr. Who scarf is complete! Done. Finito. Nada mas. And I’m not even saying that like the knitting part is done, but seamin’* and blockin’ still has to happen. I mean that it is ALL DONE… (well, except for mailing it off to my bro).

* Lilyan and Aubyn? That was especially for you!

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Dec 29

I’m thankful for yarn.

Posted by Nanc

During this holiday break, I thought it might be a good idea to catch up on some of my stories that never did make it out in blogland. This one is from our Thanksgiving trip to Baltimore. You may remember some of our adventures from here and here.

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Nov 10

It may appear that from the lack of posting and perhaps because of my latest project that I haven’t been knitting. Or worse, fell off the earth! (Eep.) But those assumptions would be wrong.

Not only am I firmly ensconced on this here planet, but I have indeed been knitting. But low, not on the project I *should* be knitting. Oh, woe.

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Oct 25

Inches 14.5 – 32.5

Posted by Nanc

Phew. Another week (plus some) has gone by and where am I on my progress? Well, I’ve made an effort. That’s gotta count for somethin’, eh?

more inches – yay!
less yarn (trust me)

And for those Walter fans out there, here’s a couple treats for you: like father, like son and kittens + yarn = trouble. Enjoy!

Sep 26

Rip! And I think that Schopenhauer was right.

Man, I lurve me some Pal Joey. This is one of those good films/musicals which my father and I share a joy of. As I sat ripping unfinished objects (UFOs) last night, I kept singing this Rita Hayworth song in my head.

Weep… Netflix doesn’t have “Pal Joey” to rent! And I’m sure that I’ve thrown out my Rita Hayworth music tape (‘member those?!). Well, damn.

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Aug 30

One Stina Wonder

Posted by Nanc

I’ve got an FO, and that makes me happy!

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Aug 23

And more…

Posted by Nanc

Okay, so this really isn’t about more UFOs and the such. But it is about knitting and procrastination on finishing anything. Actually its about fun.

Skitter may have mentioned it already, but recently we had a mini-Crafturday and did some bead-work.

What does this mean to a knitter? Stitch Markers, of course!

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Aug 7

Knitting, what knitting?

Posted by Nanc

Okay. So there is some knitting that has occurred ‘en mi casa’. A stitch here and there to while away the time. But the progress is slow and not too exciting.

Which is just the reason (as if we needed any) that our buddy Vannakin will show off these FOs, UFOs, and WIPs*! That ought’ta get the place jumpin’!

Just so ya’ know, this is an image and link laden post. Carry on.

Finished Objects, Un-Finished Objects, and Works-In-Progress

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Jan 24

Sunny and freezing

Posted by Nanc

What’s up with the weather? One minute its warm and 70′s, and the next it’s below freezing at night. I don’t know which to wear: warm cozy hat & mittens or flip-flops.

Okay, so the hat and mittens aren’t for me. And no, they’re not for C3PO either. (I apologize for appropriating C3PO as my model, but really – he doesn’t mind a bit.) The Big Red hat is a Skittermagoo pattern and knit from Rowan Big Wool and Big Wool Tuft. The Big Red mittens are modified from a Rowan pattern (I’m writing the notes up on these, and still want to make a few additional modifications). And yes, that’s an idiot cord connecting them!

This set (including a possible quickie scarf) is for my SIL, Rachel. They’re part of her Xmas pressies. Oh sure, could she ever use them now! But she’ll have to satisfy herself with looking at them on our blog until the rest of the stuff is done. (Sorry sissy.) There’s a similar/different Big Red hat version for my other SIL, Lisa, which should be shipped soon.

The fancy, frou-frou flip-flops? Oh, they’re mine. I picked up some plain ol’ boring flip-flops from the store for the girls, and everyone brought some of their novelty yarn stash to share. A quick print of the pattern in a crocheted version and a knit version, and we’re in business. What a fun project for my gal-pals, although only Angi got hers done AT the Slumber Party.

Dil, however, did not seem to care much for them. In fact, it put her off the catnip egg roll a bit. Nothing but nothing is moving her from those sun rays tho!

Jan 2


Posted by Nanc

A few projects were completed before the end of 2004 that I didn’t get a change to post about. Prepare for a montage!

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