Mar 7


Posted by Nanc

Curiosity and cats are funny things. Why do cats have such a queer (as in “odd”) sense of interest in how things work and hidden crevices? What makes them so interested in the unknown, and what gives them the courage/stupidity (tom·A·to/tomäto) to investigate?

With the added benefit of being cute, kittens being curious really gets me every time. And Walter IS cute.

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Feb 4

Bert the Farting Hippo

Posted by Matty

This title probably requires some explanation. Chances are, you stopped by the website to see baby pictures, or maybe something that Nanc knitted.

You will be disappointed by this post. Sorry. But now, curiosity should be gripping you. You need to know. Even though you think that fart humor is base and juvenile, you are drawn to click the ‘read more’ link below. It’s not about farting anymore.

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Jan 9

Okay, not truly infinity. But at times, it felt like it.

Yes! The Dr. Who scarf is complete! Done. Finito. Nada mas. And I’m not even saying that like the knitting part is done, but seamin’* and blockin’ still has to happen. I mean that it is ALL DONE… (well, except for mailing it off to my bro).

* Lilyan and Aubyn? That was especially for you!

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Nov 29

Greenie Beanie

Posted by Nanc

I *heart* Silk Garden.

No, really. If I was single and mammals and materials could mate, I’d so have an affair with Noro Silk Garden. “Why not marry it then?” you might ask. Well, sheesh. If (wo)man and wool could have relations I doubt that I could commit to one brand, style, fiber, or colorway. Human – that’s easy. I lurve me my Matty Bonez and neither need nor want anyone else. But yarn? Oh, yeah – I’m a ‘ho.

Anywho, back on topic. I am currently knitting myself a hat, er… beanie from Noro Silk Garden in color #50. (What does #50 mean in terms of the color spectrum – heck if I know, but 50 it is.) Silk Garden is a variegated silk, kid mohair, and lamb’s wool blend that is slightly thick ‘n’ thin schlubby. This particular colorway is full of royal purples and indigos, earthy blues and browns, and most likely the entire spectrum of “berry” color descriptors. But the yarn started out on green. Not just any green, however, but Kelly/leprechaun/emerald-friggin’-fairy green. Quite bright and quite beautiful.

The great thing about Silk Garden is that you don’t know how the colors will go. What wonderment will magically be pulled from the skein next? I am currently working rows of a color that I can only describe as “remember as a kid when you would catch lightening bugs (aka fireflies or glowworms) and then scrape the light up parts onto a stick* – that color” green. Kind of mix of Mountain Dew® and Shrek®. Early spring grass stains on new (white) Keds®. As I knit, I can imagine the scent of freshly mowed grass and early morning dew.

As for the hat, it’s the Silk Garden Beanie pattern from And she knits too! site. I’m knitting it in the round on US #6 dpns. I am admittedly not that good at dpns, but can only hope to get better as I trudge on.

I promise to post a pic in the next day or two, when I get a second. (Plus an exciting color chart that makes me giddy and silly.) So, who else has colors tied to memories, passages in books, scents, and dreams?

* Come on. You know you did this. Sure, it seems mean now, but it wasn’t done out of cruelty just curiosity and wonder at that bit of beautiful magic these insects carried.

Jun 12


Posted by Nanc

I am going to try to keep a record of my progress on Tricot. Pix, blog entries, the whole shebang. If I work on it; I’ll record it.

Or at least that’s my plan now.

So here we are at the beginning. I’ve swatched and made gauge, and I’ve started knitting up the back. I’m using Lion Brand® Cotton Ease in Blueberry (main color) and Pineapple (the stripes). The needles are simply Susan Bates (aluminum) circs in sizes US #6 and #8.

The pattern only calls for three rows of 2×2 ribbing, but I’d like a little more length, thank you. So I add some more rows to that and have worked the stockinette stitch up to the decreases (and then stopped for the night).

Look for more to come… soon!


Per request of a few, let me define “tricot” and give you a glimpse of what the finished product will (hopefully) look like. tri┬Ěcot n. A plain, warp-knitted cloth of any of various yarns. French, from tricoter, to knit.

The description at MagKnits calls it ‘a sporty jersey-style sweater for the stylish soccer mom’ and the pix can be seen here.

So does that give y’all a better idea of it? And for any lingering questions or curiosity, you can check out the tricotalong site. Enjoy!