May 12

Camping Firsts

Posted by Matty

This past weekend, we snuck away to Oklahoma for a weekend full of firsts. It was our first Mother’s Day, Evie’s first camping trip, and our first time camping in a cabin.

The outcome? Successful on all fronts. There are pictures and more words inside.

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Mar 1


Posted by Nanc

Happy first of March. We are experiencing many firsts with our first child. Today, we were privy to hear her first laugh.

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Jun 16

The Natural

Posted by Nanc

We want to encourage creativity and music appreciation in our little girl, so we sat her down at our old, out-of-tune piano and let her plunk away.

Actually, it was pretty awesome.

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Jan 14

And all is quiet…

I suppose one of the benefits to being up at night is quiet time to post these updates.

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Aug 17

As if that first behemoth of a list wasn’t enough, I’ve got more. Did you notice something missing from that list? A genre of knitting. That one type of project that turns a mild mannered knitter into a maniac.

Yep, that’s right. This here is my SOCK WIPs!

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