Jan 10

Good times

Posted by Nanc

Ah, these are the good times. The bright winter sun stretches long into my back. The shadows make art of everything.

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Apr 28


wow. This has been a crazy month (plus). I didn’t mean to drop my Pic-a-Day fun, but I plead motherhood… to an infant.

Anyhoo, no excuses. Thanks to Matt, here’s some pix from the past few weeks.

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Dec 30

Knitting Fantasies

Posted by Nanc

What is the one thing almost every knitter responds with when asked in a meme “what would you rather be doing” or “if you could be anywhere, where would you be?” That’s right. “Snuggled up in a comfy chair in front of a fire (in a fireplace) knitting.” Would you invite a friend over if you could?

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Dec 14

a holiday thing

Posted by Nanc

Good Girl Purl of the Purling Ps asked us (the proverbial, internets “us”) to make a list of what makes us happy during the holidays. What can I do but to oblige such a sweet request.

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Dec 1

How quickly the month of NOROvember came and went. I had grand plans for this month to knit a whole sweater (baby sweater, but still). Alas and alack, I didn’t even cast on for this until yesterday, the last of NOROvember.

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Oct 13


Posted by Nanc

There is a lot of schtufph (I can never just say “stuff”, sorry but I find it more amusing this way) going on here. My weekends and nights are starting to fill up with plans and projects quicker than I can shake a niddy-noddy at. (Just ’cause I like saying that, too.)

I’m sure that we will share more information as it becomes not so terrifying and gob-smacking and in the ‘read more’ section I talk about all the knit-related schtufph going on, but real quick-like I wanted to let y’all know that we, the Bonez and myself (plus cats), have bought a house. (Not that the cats were involved in the house-hunting, decision making, or funding, but – you know.) Crazy, no?!

Anyhoo, continue on for knit schtufph.

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Jun 30

Sock’s big adventure

Posted by Nanc

Matty came home to me and the sock, Citrus2. We (yes, the sock and I) met him at the airport and flung, well… made our way to greet him with a warm embrace. (No, you do not need to know more than that. And no, the sock really wasn’t involved in this part. But I’m just lettin’ y’all know that Bonez was more-than-warmly welcomed home. ‘nuf said.)

But like most socks, waiting for planes to arrive, people to deplane, and luggage to arrive makes for a lot of waiting. And waiting. How do you keep a sock from being bored? Ah, the adventures of a young sock.

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Mar 1
is this a good luck sign?

I’ve done some more thrifting for reusable sweaters/yarn. During a day-trip out with the girls, I scored a mixed bag of winners: some sweaters to rip for the yarn and a felting project. Plus a bonus cardigan, originally bought to rip – I like it how it is and don’t think that I could do the yarn any better justice.

First though, I must remark on the amount of fun we had that day. Oh, the tears of laughter that rolled. Over coffee, grand schemes were made involving a ‘lifted’ golf cart and crazy capers – hillarity insued. We dined at VietNam-the restaurant, outside of which is where I spied the pegasus, before heading out to the thrift. No knitting mice were found (which seems odd – did someone buy them all up? Is there someone else with a room full of skilled creatures knitting? Eep.), but good times were had by all. Or at least by me.

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Aug 15

Yesterday was Crafturday. Crafturday is my favorite day of the week!

What is Crafturday? Well, my child, let me explain. Crafturday is when one gathers with their crafty friends on a Saturday and together they summon the power of the craft. For good, not evil. It’s a CRAFTy satURDAY. CRAFTURDAY!

Want to know more? Only those pure of mind and spirit may continue…

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Feb 1

It’s the Smurf Bowl!

Posted by Nanc

My tribute to the Super Bowl. (Yeah, it’s on right now. No, I’m not watching it. Don’t even get me started.)

Here you’ve got the quarterback, the ref, cheerleaders, and a whole slew of Smurfy fans! What’s that? Gargamel seems to be taking notes. Perhaps he’s copying their plays and runs?

Looks like the coach didn’t agree with the ref’s call. Oooh. Tempers flare at these sporting events.

Click on more to get a glimpse into a Smurf Bowl party.

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