Feb 6

Ham Broccoli Braid

Posted by Nanc

The remaining bit of leftover ham had been taunting me all week. We had used up portions in all of the normal places, like omletes and fried up in the skillet. But still, there it waited for something – a sign, some movement that I might make. What did it want of me?!

My quest took me to AllRecipes.com to make use of their ‘ingredient search’ feature. From here, I found a quick and easy (and yummy) way to use up that ham. Ha! That’ll show ’em.

Although the name “explains” this dish, it doesn’t really do a good job of describing it. (Where’s marketing when you need them.) This recipe is simple to do, works up pretty quickly, and looks fabulous, därling! It would be perfect to take to a pot luck luncheon or dinner party. So come on, check it out!

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