Jun 4

I miss the music

Posted by Nanc

Okay, to most my next comment is going to seem crazy, but hear me out. (Click on the image ONLY if you want to see the real thing. Wussies, do not click.)

I miss the cicadas.

Back home (Ohio), they’re going through the emergence of the 17-year cicada. We don’t seem to have cicadas in Texas (at least not in Dallas). And I am truly missing this experience.

I have fond memories of cicadas; collecting the shells like great treasures as a toddler (kept in a cigar box for my friend), comically trying to walk/ride a bike/drive through throngs of cicadas, and the amazing site of our backyard after the last cycle of 17-yearers (it looked like an aeration treatment gone awry).

It’s too quiet here in Texas. Sure, we have nasty, huge roach-like things, plenty of June bugs, and other nasty creepy-crawlers. But no singing cicadas. No fireflies, either. Shame ’bout those, too.

So no, I’m not crazy. Just sentimental.