Dec 29

Jeans with a twist

Posted by Nanc

Hmm, this almost sounds like it could be a drink. But it’s not. Nope. It’s a finished object (FO), specifically a pair of socks!

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Sep 30


Posted by Nanc

Wha? What kind of title is “ketchup” anyhoo? Well, let me blather on explain.

Despite the lack of blogging and sharing knits as they happen, I’ve been keeping quiet. Really, nothing crazy or fancy or whatnot is going on. Simply, I haven’t been knit-blogging about much. But I have been knitting. Some.

In an effort to show what I have knit and finished (FOs – hurrah!), what I’m currently knitting, and what I hope/plan/want to be knitting soon – I decided to post this here catch-up post.

The term “catch-up” reminds me of “catsup” which is another term for “ketchup.” And my joking dad used to play with the words and intermingle them. (I’m sure he also referred to “catch-up” as “catsup” during my youth, the silly man that he is.)

So read on for my catsup catch-up.

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Jun 16

Dye-O-Rama Drama

Posted by Nanc

There was a bit of drama with my Dye-O-Rama yarn. See, I thought that I had mastered the Kool-Aid and could move up to Wilton’s icing dyes. Oh, how wrong I was…

Also, I receive my yarn and it’s terribly… exciting!

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