Apr 14

More Cozy Music

Posted by Nanc

Yes, there is knitting content – finally! Does anyone else feel like all knitting projects are going in slow motion while the rest of your life is speeding up?

‘scuse me – you’ve got a little somethin’ on your foot

As a favor for Bonez (a kiss up, er .. favor to his boss), I knit this Rio cozy in boss’ preference: UNC Tarheels. No, I don’t know (or wanna know) what or why they are the tarheels. I just knit what I’m told* and go on.

* No, I don’t really do what I’m told, knitting or otherwise. And Matt was v. humble when asking if I would knit this for his boss-man. It’s a quick knit and I had the right colored yarn, so it wasn’t a big deal. But hopefully it’ll make Mr. Boss happy, and in turn make a happy Bonez. That would be good.

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