Feb 27

Moroccan Chicken

Posted by Nanc

The true title of this recipe is ‘Chicken, Date, and Apricot Tagine’, but that all sounded so complicated and bewildering. And you should try this recipe, not run from it’s name. This chicken is oh-so tasty and tender, the kitchen will smell miraculous, and it’s fun and new. What more could you want from a recipe? [please note the rhetoricalness of that question]

This is definitely one of those recipes where you should gather and prepare all the ingredients before you start cooking. And don’t leave out lemon – it really puts the zing in the dish. I didn’t have ground turmeric, so I subbed with curry powder which had all the spices listed plus some. (I still added the other spices in qtys listed, but I could’ve used only curry powder I’m sure.) My only change that I’d wish on this dish is for the flavors to match the aromas. The chicken was very mild tasting (which isn’t all bad).

Well, go ahead. What are you waiting for? Cook this!

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