Nov 7

Oh, the shame

Posted by Nanc

We are getting ready to move to a house. (Yay!) And although I usually “enjoy” the packing process and the chance to de-clutter, this will be the first time having to move a stash. (Of yarn, silly!) And not only yarn, but fabrics too.

See, I’ve only recently taken up knitting, sewing, and quilting these past 2 1/2 years. So my stashes have been static (growing, but never moving). In the attempt to organize as I go, I did something crazy. I laid out my all my yarn on my bed. For all (Matt) to see.

Now, before you click to see the pictures, let me warn you (and perhaps chase off a few oglers and rubber-neckers out there) – there’s a lot. To get a better understanding, all this yarn fit nicely into two 30 gallon tubs. 2 THIRTY gallon Rubbermaid-ish totes! Two hundred and twenty-seven liters of yarn! 227. You’ve been warned.

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Aug 7

Knitting, what knitting?

Posted by Nanc

Okay. So there is some knitting that has occurred ‘en mi casa’. A stitch here and there to while away the time. But the progress is slow and not too exciting.

Which is just the reason (as if we needed any) that our buddy Vannakin will show off these FOs, UFOs, and WIPs*! That ought’ta get the place jumpin’!

Just so ya’ know, this is an image and link laden post. Carry on.

Finished Objects, Un-Finished Objects, and Works-In-Progress

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