Sep 11


Posted by Nanc

Yeah, that’s right. SIPs – Socks In Progress! Makes sense, no?

You read the first part of my WIP story here. Now you can read about that special category which becomes an obsession with most knitters – Socks!

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Aug 4

Last Sunday (yeah, I’m *that* behind with my posts), a couple 200 knitters showed up to watch the Rangers play ball and get their knit on. (The knitters, not the Texas Rangers. Although I would’ve liked to see them try to knit. But I’m odd like that.)

Was it a coincidence, a fluke? Was some evil scrapbooking villain controlling our collective yarn minds? Does ‘America’s favorite past time’ hold the secret to yarn-overs and cabling?

While all really… well, STOOPID questions; No. It was the fabulous Stitch n’ Pitch day at the Texas Rangers game!

Yep, you heard me right. And it was fun, ta’ boot!

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