Sep 7

This weekend, we drove up to Northern Missouri for Christina and Jesse’s wedding reception. There are pictures at the bottom of the page.

There’s a little backstory here…

We’ve been friends with both of them for many years. Last year they sat down with us for an important discussion. Christina said that she and Jesse both treasured our friendship. Uh oh. I knew that she was buttering us up for something. They said many flattering things that my Midwestern sense of modesty will not allow me to repeat, but rest assured, we were very flattered. Then, they asked if one of us would be willing to become certified to officiate a wedding ceremony, and marry them.

I said yes immediately. Jesse and Christina are wonderfully matched. They make each other very happy and you can see it in their faces every time they are together.

In March of this year they came down to Texas and I married them in a small private ceremony, according to their wishes.

To celebrate their wedding, Christina’s Dad and Stepmom wanted to throw them a party. Plans were made, cakes were baked, and relatives descended on the small hamlet of Knob Noster, Missouri.

It was about a 1000 mile round trip. I was a little worried as to how Evie would handle such a long trip, but she traveled like a pro. For the most part, we tried to do the driving while she slept. We also made sure to allow time out for playgrounds, parks, and other places for Evie to stretch her wee tiny legs.

We left Texas Friday night, and made it up to Big Cabin, OK and then finished up the driving on Saturday afternoon during Evie’s nap.

Once we got there, we got to meet a number of Christina’s family that we’d heard about for years, including her Dad and siblings. We also got to spend some time with Jesse’s Mom and Stepdad who had flown in from Connecticut!

Evie had a great time at the farm, and has us rethinking our suburban lifestyle. She got to play with puppies, eat cherry tomatoes off the vine, and run around to her heart’s content.

On Sunday morning after a big brunch, we said our goodbyes, and got back into the car for the ride home. Evie napped in the car, and she woke up in Joplin, Missouri.

We’d done some research, and found a tiny amusement park on Route 66. It sort of looked like a traveling carnival that had stopped traveling and put down roots. Due to Evie’s diminutive stature, she was only allowed to ride on three rides, but she had a lot of fun on the train, carousel, and the birds.

After a few hours of activities and a steak dinner, she was tired out. We finished driving home, finally getting home late on Sunday night.

Mar 8

Evie update

Posted by Matty

Evie’s been walking up a storm lately. Here’s some video of her walking to the park on Saturday.

May 12

Camping Firsts

Posted by Matty

This past weekend, we snuck away to Oklahoma for a weekend full of firsts. It was our first Mother’s Day, Evie’s first camping trip, and our first time camping in a cabin.

The outcome? Successful on all fronts. There are pictures and more words inside.

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Mar 14


Posted by Nanc

Weekends are for sleeping in. Especially cold, rainy Saturdays.


I hope y’all are cozy and warm.

Mar 8

My Evie Angel

Posted by Nanc

This Saturday marked Evie’s two month birthday. I don’t have a sappy post written for future Evie to read or to make people tear up (you know who you are). I start to write something in my head, but never get it down on paper or on the keyboard.


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Mar 7

End of days

Posted by Matty

We are sorry to have MI Grandma’s visit come to an end. There was fun, laughs, and good food, but they are headed back up North to the cold. Before they left, she and Evie had a few last moments in the sun.


Due to technical difficulties then sloth, this did not get posted until late on Saturday. That means I owe y’all one.

Sep 10

I made this!

Posted by Nanc

In the ‘Look what I can do’ category: Saturday, Matt and I enjoyed a delicious* salad procured completely from our own garden! What a power trip!

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Jan 29

This weekend Nanc and I realized a dream that was years in the making: one bookshelf to rule them all. A bookshelf big enough to contain our books.

Come inside for a photo of the mammoth and some ridiculous statistics.

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Jan 23

O Canada Socks

Posted by Nanc

There may be a plethora of lyric versions for this anthem of the great white north, but I have just two socks named for it. (Although each is a bit different by accident.)

I finished my first pair of socks for the year! Never mind that I made the first sock back in June.

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Nov 5


Posted by Nanc

Not the pork-based breakfast meal, but a mix of blog fodder.

Today, I’ve got an odd assortment of pictures and what-not for y’all. A few Maker Faire pix to go along with Matt’s post, Halloween pix, and a spooky cheeseball!

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