Feb 17

Tit for [uterine] tat

Posted by Nanc

Catchy title, eh?

In trade for our healthy baby, my OB received a knitted uterus. Fair trade, right?

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Mar 27

Happy 5th Birthday!

Posted by Matty

Nanc and I noticed that a notable birthday recently passed. In March of 2003, toysaregoodfood.com was born.


We picked the name ‘toysaregoodfood’ after hours of domain searching. Once you realize that every single possible domain name that you want has been taken, you get a little punch-drunk. It still doesn’t make any sense, but I can’t imagine the name being anything else.

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Jan 9

What would you do?

Posted by Nanc

Perhaps I should save this for the “Weird Things About Me” meme, but I’ve just got to say it: I’m stubborn. Horribly stubborn. Like ‘I will always win at chicken’ stubborn, despite what injuries may occur. (I don’t believe that I’m stubborn when it comes to reasoning and logic and getting along with other people, but I could be fooling myself.)

I am stubborn about my knitting, though. Like when I should just stop knitting and look for a solution or a different project, instead I carry on.

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Jan 4

My sweet Melody

Posted by Nanc

It’s good to have friends. Even better to have knit friends that will help you cut your knitting with sharp, pointy scissors.

So this is the story of my Melody shawl…

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Jan 3

The last of 2006

Posted by Nanc

Wow – the new year came and went pretty darn quick. And it’s not like I’ve been super busy with parties like some of you. We’ve just… been. You know, here and there, existing — doing “stuff.”

But I did finally get to washing and blocking my final FOs from last year.

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Nov 29

shark infested waters

Posted by Nanc

Okay, the title may be a bit of a stumper at first, but it boils down to the fact that despite all the glorious knitting that was going on in last night’s episode, ‘Gilmore Girls’ has jumped the shark. Actually, it did this a while ago (imho), but others disagree.

But I digress. This is not what I came here to talk about. (Obviously I still watch the show in the dear hope that the writers find their sweet spot again. They haven’t.) Last night’s episode featured knitting. A LOT of knitting! And that’s what I’m gonna blather on about…

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Sep 30


Posted by Nanc

Wha? What kind of title is “ketchup” anyhoo? Well, let me blather on explain.

Despite the lack of blogging and sharing knits as they happen, I’ve been keeping quiet. Really, nothing crazy or fancy or whatnot is going on. Simply, I haven’t been knit-blogging about much. But I have been knitting. Some.

In an effort to show what I have knit and finished (FOs – hurrah!), what I’m currently knitting, and what I hope/plan/want to be knitting soon – I decided to post this here catch-up post.

The term “catch-up” reminds me of “catsup” which is another term for “ketchup.” And my joking dad used to play with the words and intermingle them. (I’m sure he also referred to “catch-up” as “catsup” during my youth, the silly man that he is.)

So read on for my catsup catch-up.

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Mar 21

First stages

Posted by Nanc

This is about the first stages of SockapalOOOza. Not to be confused with this site’s stages of redesign and build. But there are some similarities between the two.

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Mar 16

Baby Benny’s Bot

Posted by Nanc

Before Benny and family arrived for the great-fun-yet-too-short visit, I decided that Benny needed a robot. I mean, what if he took fancy to Matt’s robot Bruce and wanted, no… NEEDED to take him home? In order to plan for such an event (and ’cause they’re fun to knit), I quickly (relatively) knitted a new ‘bot.

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Mar 8

It’s been a bit quiet around these parts, but know that this is only an illusion. A lot’s been going on, just nothing all that blog-worthy. My knitting time (and knitting abilities) have been sporadic lately, which leaves a kind of funny taste in ones mouth. Like something is amiss.

So as not to bore y’all to death, there are fotos in the ‘Read More’ section, but only of single, unfinished-pairs of socks. Sad, no?

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