Feb 6

Shepherd’s Pie

Posted by Nanc

Always thought that Shepherd’s Pie would be too much work, too starchy, bland, or Irish? Well, this might change your mind.

There I was stuck with leftover beef roast (slow cooker) with carrots and onions. (Too bad I didn’t save any of the jus, ’cause it would’ve come in handy.) I know that I didn’t want a plate of roast and veggies again, but I didn’t know what I could do with it and I didn’t want to waste it. Along comes my superhero Google search engine, seeking out sites dedicated to leftover ideas and doling out justice. I stumbled upon a seemingly okay idea of making Shepherd’s Pie from my ignored beef.

And to my surprise, it was good. (Yeah, it made it’s own reincarnation of leftovers, but we worked through it.) From now on, I will plan this second life for my beef roasts.

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